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About Sunnytown Postcards

Always interested in purchasing good quality postcard collections, so please make contact if you have postcards for sale.


 Sunnytown Postcards and Collectables have been trading since 1992.


I buy and sell a wide range of genuine Old collectables. I specialize in old picture postcards, I have a large range of British County topographical postcards especially strong in Essex, Sussex, Kent, London suburbs and the home counties but I also have a good representation of subjects, themes and foreign postcards from 1890 to 1960. 


 I also stock old photographs, ephemera, advertising collectables, old tins, tinplate and die-cast toys, militaria, medals, badges,  small antiques, carte de visite photographs, CDVs Victorian Cabinet photographs and a whole lot more.  


Chris buys old collectables


I have always been more interested in buying than selling, as it is my belief that this sort of business can only be successful if my stock is constantly changing.  


 I have hundreds of customers waiting for choice collectables, so if you have items for sale that are good quality and good condition, please get in touch. You can be assured of an excellent cash offer.


 Trade Associations


 I am a member of the following trade association.


P.T.A.  Postcard Traders Association


At present, I can only be contacted by telephone only  (UK callers only) (Chris)


Mobile telephone   07958 561792 (Chris)


 Home   01708 344558 U.K only (Chris) 



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Thank you to all of you, that have taken the time to sort out your lofts and cupboards, business is very good at the moment and my customers are always seeking new items to add to their collections, so demand is higher than normal,

Just a quick reminder of the key items that I am always keen to purchase, old picture postcards (1890 to 1960) all types of coins and banknotes, medals, military items, badges, tokens, paper collectables, ephemera, small antiques, die-cast toys, tinplate toys, lead soldiers and animals... see our buying page for more information.  


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